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Creativity is our roots and design is our passion, and we bring that creativity and passion into every website we design. Built for speed, visual appeal, functionality,  and responsiveness.


We can help with one or more of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and more. Automated blog posts, content offers and a plan for implementing a successful social media routine.


We structure our marketing campaigns to maximize reach, sustainability, customer retention and brand growth. Using analytics to track campaigns and make adjustments.


Content created and delivered strategically through  blog posts, offer creation, email campaigns, educational material, tutorials, and ebooks.


MB Shine helps brands connect more deeply with customers through custom experiences for phones, tablets and smart things. We transform app ideas into experiences for a wide range of connected devices you hold in your hand, wear on your wrist, and use in your home and car.

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We Go Above And Beyond

Developing cutting edge websites, mobile apps, and marketing strategies 

"Super support!"

We’re very happy with the website that MB Shine did for us. It has become very user friendly on our end, and we can change information quickly and easily. We get a lot of compliments for the graphics and how the images really pop out.

Jack Jones Manager at TechDream

"Awesome design."

Big Drop had a calculated process from start to finish, which helped streamline the design of the site ... Our conversion rate is up about 15% from this time last year

Melissa James CEO at SNAP

"Great flexibility."

Since day one, I've relied on Mb Shine for everything from the design of the website, to its content. They also supply all the analytics for the site on a weekly/monthly basis

Mark Levine PR at CTA

"Remarkable Style."

On every piece along the way, their timing has been great, they've been on the project, and all the programming is done. They've done everything they said they would do. I'm a happy client.

Bert Baldwin PR at CTA

"The Real Deal"

I've also recommended them to numerous other people. I will also be advertising for them on my sites. I would highly recommend Mb Shine to anybody that needs Web and SEO work

Angela Roy Architect at CUBE

"Satisfied Clients!"

We're extremely happy with both the design of the website and their ongoing support. Their implementation timeline for the website – I've never seen anyone do it so quick

Bruce Holt Manager at TechDream


Creating A Stunning Web Masterpiece With WordPress

WordPress is an open source platform that makes it easy to build a website. With a simple interface, countless free plugins and themes, and a vibrant community, it’s no wonder 20% of all websites in existence rely on it.

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Effective Customized Marketing Solutions

Marketing has become integral to the web experience.

Our innovative approach to marketing allows us to create specialized and custom campaigns that will target your primary objectives easily and effectively without coming across as the same tired pronouncement that the end user has seen time and time again.


Marketing and Promotion that advocate for your brand

Design and functionality that reflect your company's objectives

If you need to reach people, then you are in need of marketing. Whether you are looking to promote your band, sell your products, or advocate for your favorite charity, you will need a strategically planned and expertly executed marketing campaign. As one of the best web marketing companies around, we offer many different levels of marketing solutions and offer continuous consultation.


Research, Analytics, and Scalability

Our results and highly satisfied clients speak for themselves.

Top web marketing companies often use many of the same marketing strategies including: PPC, affiliate/performance marketing, social media marketing, viral marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (or SEO), linking strategies, and online advertising. At MB Shine, we use all the tools that other top web marketing firms do, but we approach the content and design differently.


Identify your marketing needs -The planning process

Exchanging ideas, Weighing options, Allocating responsibilities.

The key to the process is the identification of the Web site’s purpose and target audience. This information informs directly influences decisions on style, structure, and technology. Ultimately the choice of technology used to code a Website depends heavily on the functionality required for the Web site and any possible future development needs of the site.

Building A Successful Website

Careful planning and a clear purpose are the keys to success

Initial Planning

Websites are developed by groups of people to meet the needs of other groups of people. Unfortunately, web projects are often approached as a “technology problem,” and projects can get colored from the beginning by enthusiasms for particular web techniques (Flash, blogs, podcasts, Ajax), not by human or business needs that emerge from engaging users in the development process. People are the key to successful web projects at every stage of development.

Although the people who will visit and use your site will determine whether your project is a success, ironically, those users are the people least likely to be present and involved when your site is designed and built. Remember that the site development team should always function as an active, committed advocate for the users and their needs. Experienced committee warriors may be skeptical here: These are fine sentiments, but can you really do this in the face of management pressures, budget limitations, and divergent stakeholder interests? Well, yes, you can—because you have no other choice if your web project is to succeed. If you listen only to management directives, keep the process sealed tightly within your development team, and dictate to supposed users what the team imagines is best for them, be prepared for failure. Involve real users, listen and respond to what they say, test your designs with a spectrum of users of different ages, abilities, and interests, and be prepared to change and evolve your cherished ideas in response to user feedback, and your project will be a success.

Goals and Strategies

A short statement identifying two or three goals should be the foundation of your web site design. The statement should include specific strategies around which the web site will be designed, how long the site design, construction, and evaluation periods will be, and specific quantitative and qualitative measures of how the site’s success will be evaluated. This initial statement will form the basis for your project plan (see Developing a Project Charter, below). Building a web site is an ongoing process, not a onetime project with static content. Long-term editorial management and technical maintenance must be covered in your budget and production plans. Without this perspective your electronic publication will suffer the same fate as many corporate communications initiatives—an enthusiastic start without lasting accomplishments.


One of the great things about the web as a communications medium is that it can provide a rich stream of data on how your site is used, what people are looking for, and how users typically traverse the various parts of your site. If you are redesigning an existing site, take a close look at the web server logs from the server that hosts the site and work with your webmaster to develop reports on how the site is currently used and on trends of use over time. In addition to providing gross traffic volume on your site and your most popular pages, web logs can give you detailed information on where your current users come from, what sites they visited before coming to yours, what search terms brought them to your web site, what kind of network connection they use, what size their computer screen is, and which operating system and web browser they use. If the data from your existing web hosting arrangement isn’t adequate or is poorly formatted for analysis by your team, consider using tools such as Google Analytics to generate easy-to-read reports on your current site traffic as you plan the revised site.

Don’t overlook search analytics in your data reviews. If your local enterprise or intranet uses a search engine such as Ultraseek Enterprise Search, Google Search Appliance, or other enterprise search tool, you have access to rich data on what people were searching for when they came to your site. Look closely at the most popular search terms for your site, and match those terms against your current site navigation links to be sure that popular content items are easily accessible. If people are entering search terms for things that you think should be obvious on your site, your navigation interface probably needs an overhaul. The conventional wisdom in web design is that about half of web users prefer to search for keywords, while the other half prefer to browse through pages and lists of links. Your search analytics reports are a powerful feedback tool for assuring that your new design meets the needs of both searchers and browsers.

Design Structure 

Each member of a site development team will bring different goals, preferences, and skills to the project. Once the team has reached agreement on the mission and goals of the project, you’ll need to establish consensus on the overall design approach for the web site. The object at this stage is to identify potential successful models in other web sites and to begin to see the design problem from the site user’s point of view.

Unfortunately, production teams rarely include members of the target audience for the web site. And it is often difficult for team members who are not already experienced site designers to articulate their specific preferences, except in reference to existing sites. Group critiques are a great way to explore what makes a web site successful, because everyone on the team sees each site from a user’s point of view. Have each team member bring a list of several favorite sites to the critique, and ask them to introduce these sites and comment on the successful elements of each design. In this way you will learn one another’s design sensibilities and begin to build consensus on the experience that your audience will have when they visit the finished site.

Content Layout

Once you have an idea of your web site’s mission and general structure, you can begin to assess the content you will need to realize your plans. Building an inventory or database of existing and needed content will force you to take a hard look at your existing content resources and to make a detailed outline of your needs. Once you know where you are short on content you can concentrate on those deficits and avoid wasting time on areas with existing resources that are ready to use. A clear grasp of your needs will also help you develop a realistic schedule and budget. Content development is the hardest, most time-consuming, and most consistently underestimated part of any web site development project. In many instances your team will be looking to the sponsor to provide content or domain experts. Be sure your sponsor or client understands the responsibilities and takes the content delivery deadlines seriously. Starting early with a firm content development plan will help ensure that you won’t be caught later with a well-structured but empty web site.

StarIt is filled with a variety of shortcodes and elements, made especially for you.

Our Web Design Approach. Why Our Clients Love Us.

First impressions online matter more than ever. Engage your audience, increase sales, and make a lasting impression with a professional website designed and built specifically for your business and your customers.

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Website Improvement Plans

Whether it be content development, design iterations, building new features, or improving security, there are always elements of a website to update and improve./span>

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