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Step 1: Corporation Organizational Forms

Articles of Incorporation for your corporation in any state.
Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation for your corporation in Guam.
Articles of Incorporation (for Guam)

An official certificate designed specifically for forming corporations in Delaware.
Certificate of Incorporation

Step 2: Initial Shareholder Organizational Meeting Forms

Use this template to keep record of your initial shareholder meeting.
First Shareholder Meeting

This form can be used to record the issued shares of corporate stock for your corporation.
Issue Shares of Corporate Stock

This corporate stock certificate template shows the issuance of shares of stock from your corporation.
Certificate of Stock

Corporate Bylaws for any state.
Corporation Bylaws

Waiver Shareholder First Meeting

Step 3: Initial Officer and Director Organizational Meeting Forms

This organizational form can be used to record your first sole director meeting.
Sole Director Initial Meeting

Use this template to track your initial board of directors meeting.
First Board of Directors Meeting

Waiver Directors First Meeting 

Step 4: Corporation EIN Number and Taxation Election

Corporation EIN

Step 5: Open a Corporate Bank Account

Corporate Bank Account 

Ongoing as Needed Meeting Minute Templates

This shareholder meeting template may be used to document your shareholder meetings.
Shareholder Meeting

Use the Board of Directors Meeting template to record and document board of directors meetings for your company.
Board of Directors Meeting

This template may be used to document actions made by your corporation.
Corporate Resolution

The Shareholder Resolution template can be used to document decisions made by the shareholders of your company.
Shareholder Resolution

Use this template when documenting decisions made by the board of directors.
Board of Director Resolution

This template can be used to record decision making during special stockholder meetings.
Waiver Shareholder Special Meeting

Waiver Director Special Meeting

Ongoing Annual Meeting Minute Templates

This template can be used to document that all shareholders agree to their actions in a meeting held without notice.
Waiver Shareholder Annual Meeting

Waiver Directors Annual Meeting


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